Vscode tricks


Keyboard Shortcut

operation shortcut
Quickly open files Ctrl + P
Open Recent Ctrl + R
Zen mode Ctrl + K Z
expand or shrink selection Shift + Alt + Right/Left
Go to symbol Ctrl + Shift + O
copy the path to the current file Ctrl + K P
see the file in the explorer Ctrl + K R
toggle the side bar Ctrl + B
integrated terminal Ctrl + `
navigate between tabs Ctrl + Tab
Select entire line Ctrl + L
To next word boundary Ctrl + Left/Right
New window Ctrl + Shift + N

A full list is shown below

Command line

operation command
open code with current directory code .
open the current directory in the most recently used code window code -r .
# create a new window code -n
# open diff editor code –diff <file1> <file2>

multi-cursor editing

operation shortcut
Random place Alt + Click
Cancel the last cursor operation Ctrl + U
next/previous line Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down
Select current match Ctrl + Shift + L
Select current word Ctrl + F2
Create rectangular selection(mouse) Shift + Alt + Drag
Create rectangular selection(keyboard) Shift + Alt + Ctrl + Arrow